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Forming a spiritual identity for our people built on the salvation and redemption of Jesus Christ and preparing people who are ready for eternity but live in the present as salt and light for the world. Our tool is the Bible to be the image of Christ on earth and to play a role in our society by providing services and activities to the community as immigrants, especially after God gave us a church. For us to be a lighthouse for all who seek the path of truth.

The Coptic Catholic Church in Egypt takes care of its immigrants and provides them with what helps them preserve their spiritual and national identity. It accompanies its children from their arrival until their settlement and seeks their engagement with the church through the Holy Sacraments to create an Egyptian family atmosphere in the church's family. Today our church is a part of that great mission in a wider community living in the diaspora and facing its difficult challenges.



Our motto is:
"I will build My church" (Matthew 16:18)


The Coptic Catholic Church in New Jersey has a Catholic community for more than thirty years in Old Bridge and for more than nine years in Bayonne, and many families scattered throughout the rest of the state were served in the past by Priests assigned from the Church of Brooklyn until a full-time priest was appointed to them since 2016. Ever since, prayers and services were held in churches that are rented until the church community's dream was finally fulfilled this year by finding a fixed place for them here in a foreign country that is affiliated with the Church in Egypt under the auspices of Patriarch Ibrahim Isaac in the city of Perth Amboy formerly known as St. Mary's Church of Perth Amboy.


Monsignor Malak Saadalla


This is a short video by our priest Father Malak Saadalla about our new church in Perth Amboy, New Jersey showing our newly bought church.


Pope Francis

The Catholic Church Pope

Bishop Checchio.jpg

Most Reverend James F. Checchio
Bishop of the city of Metuchen in New Jersey


Patriarch Ibrahim Isaac

The Coptic Catholic Patriarch of Alexandria

ِand the Countries of the Diaspora

image-removebg-preview (2).png

Most Reverend Pola Ayoub Matta 

The Bishop of Ismailia and the Apostolic Visitator
of Canada and the United States


Monsignor Malak Saadalla
The Pastor of Jesus the king Coptic
Catholic Church in New Jersey, United States. 

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