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The church provides a large number of fun events for all ages from plays to trips to hotels and multiple amusement parks. The church also cares about spiritual activities for all the people in the church equally. Our priest takes care of leading the people of our churches into enjoying their time with the fun events we have and grow them spiritually. We have many parties that took place in many party halls already and more to come in which we let the people enjoy music, competitions, raffles, and even more. We also have a yearly play that is prepared by our churches' acting team and many beautiful plays done and coming soon. Our church provides many field trips for all ages from children to adults in parks, amusement parks, hotels, and even more. Our priest has many spiritual days that happen yearly to help us grow spiritually and know more about the Bible's teachings. Those days are led by our priest Father Malak Saadalla. 

For more information about our events, please contact our priest on the contact information below in the page or feel free to contact us on our website.


First Communion



Recent Event

Bishops visit and Ordination of deacons


Sara Marouf Hymns Concert

Watch the whole concert on Youtube from here 

Other Church Events